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Looking for motivation? Just listen to the guru Ravi Shankar.

So often we are looking for motivation in leaders, enterpreneurs, actors, politicians, successful people and stories, in others who already achieved something. That attracts us in the way we are listening their words. Like we would like to seek the manual, the manual for our inspiration. But the thing is,the real eternal motivation it is not somewhere in others, outside of ourself. No. The only proper way out of the circle of "still looking for" is given.  Listen to Ravi Shankar, guru in sitar playing.

The truth is inside of every person, it goes from inside of our body, our soul, our heart out, not the opposite way. Everything what we do, create, perform, deliver, how we serve comes streight from this eternal inner energy. This is the place where we should start to look for our real mitivation. Start here. Ravi Shankar described it when he spoke about playing sitar:

What is in Your mind when you're plaing sitar?

"Well, you fix in your mind what you want to play, you choose that. After you choose that maybe you choose also the rytm, you;re gonna to perform. And than it goes to your subconsciousness  mind automatically. And than you start playing. I shout everything from my mind, everything becomes very blank. It is not that you have to be a religious person or believe in God or that thing, but it is something kind and spiritual, each note starts vibrating in your mind and the natural thing is that if the tears in your eyes are comming, if you can feel that, if you can go with these emotions, it is bound to have an effect on the listeners."
(Ravi Shankar 1920 - 2012)

Here is his way how he spoke to people....

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