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TIMETRAVEL. If this would be possible I would ...

As if we all knew everything is NOT possible. But I say: "Everything is possible!" What we do not know or what we haven´t learned or touched yet, doesn´t mean it does not exist. If we would watch something totaly new for us and not seen before, would we recognise it at all? 
I am sure no is the answer. How can we see something, what doesn´t exist in our known world yet? So, everything is possible. We have just to find out to see it. It is there, let´s be patient. Some classic words from H.G. Wells:


"Aha!" said the Time Traveler. "And that´s where you´re wrong!"
"Wait a minute." said Manning. "I think I know what You´re getting at. Are you talking about time?"
"Exactly!" shouted the Time traveler. "Time - the one factor they alway manage to skip in teaching us geometry - time is the fourth dimension!"
"But don´t you see, " said Perry, "the reason they leave it out is quite obvious. Lenght, widht, and depth are dimensions in space. we can move back and forth, and up and down in space. But we can´t go backwards or forward in time."
"Wrong, wrong, WRONG!" cried the Time Traveler. "The fact is ...we can."
"What do you mean?" asked Filby, getting up. "I am now walking across the room to this door and back. I can go up and down on a staircase or in a baloon. I can move in space, but I can´t move into yesterday or tomorrow. None of us can."
"That," said the Time traveler quietly, "is only your opinion. I have been working on experiments for years, and I can now tell you of my great discovery. It is a machine that is capable of taking us into the past or into the future."
Everybody at the table laughed.
"Don´t laugh, my friends," said the Time Traveler. "It is not impossible or ridiculous or absurd."
                                               H.G.WELLS (The Time Machine, 1895)

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